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Worthless Weekend


Well all this weekend has consisted of is sleeping and icyhot. Last thursday I was looking forward to the weekend and hoping to do something real fun. Friday comes and I feel sick... oh great my mom makes me go to school because "its the last day of the school week." what kind of shit is that? Saturday and sunday suck complete camel dick since my mom's douchebag boyfriend comes over and tries to be funny and comes off as a prick (see my last blog for more information about him). So I try to sleep all day and I can't since i'm now always either too hot or too cold. Which sucks. Yet I should be in bed and i'm most likely staying home from school.... nevermind I doubt it, she'll (mom) will make me go. It's 1:20 in the morning and rubber chickens weekend sucked.... Oh and in addition if you use alot of icyhot it gets hot as fuck.


anyone have any good weekend stories?

Rubber_Chicken Uploaded 10/06/2008
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