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I-Pod R.I.P


Well the day has finally come. And i must say it has been a long time coming. My I-Pod has finally broken (i think).

I am going to throw the question out there just incase anyone can help?

Here is the predicament-

When i plug my I-Pod (nano) into my computer, it says 'please wait, very low battery'. However, no matter how long i leave it plugged in for, it displays the same message. So i tried plugging it into the wall, and give it some juice from there. When i did that, it said it was charging. However, as soon as i unplugged it, it displayed the same message as before.

So i try using the whole I-Pod reset thing (holding menu and centre button) . No result.

Tried playing a song whilst the I-Pod is plugged into the wall, then unplugging it. It died again.

It seems as though it won't charge properly =[.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance.

jmc1 Uploaded 10/07/2008
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