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I apologise in advance.

Ok poem book has gone on a hiatus and i can't find the fucker. Sooooo...i'm writing one freestyle. Normally i'd ask what people wanted to hear, but with the election nearing i think i've found a nerve. (I openly admit that this is crap. ie: an unrefined submission...haters knock yourselves out.)

Vote Obama,
Vote McCain,
Vote that things stay the same,
The world runs on it's cogs ,
And so you are not left to blame,

You say that you want change,
And act like atlas all day,
But the public has spoken,
And yet you can't refrain,

You've been tried and found wanting,
Of that one special something,
Without it you manage,
To the darwin awards running,

And yet still I digress,
I might just be under duress,
I mean really,
I'm not kidding,
They've got a gun to my chest.....
strangef8 Uploaded 10/08/2008
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