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What might be the most favored beer on  I consider myself a bit of  a conosuier (sp?).  I have to admit that i am a bit of a hop head when it comes to hoppy beers, yet i still have to admit that certian beers to still hit the spot from time to time.  For example mass produced American beers are shit.  I know that Budwiser was recently bought  out by Belgium.  It's still mass produced horse piss.  That sentiment goes for every other mass produced American beer out there.  If you have never had a good import (heinikin and corona need not apply...) I suggest the following.



Delerium tremens (look for the pink elephant)


Rogue-black sun (you dont even know your drinking beer)


Rogue-dead guy ale (i dare someone to go from bud to this.  It'll put your dick in the dirt)


Pete's two hearted ale (a nice ale that you can drink over a time)


Indiana amber (good all around brew)


So bloggers (obviously over the age of 21) what is your favorite brew?

strangef8 Uploaded 10/09/2008
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