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Strength Through Diversity


There's a commercial on AFN (American Forces Network) about a Navy hospital. In this commercial all the people on the "team", tell where they were born. There are people of several different races and ethnicities and people are from places as various as Italy, Lebanon, Colorado, etc. At the end of the commercial they say "Navy Medicine, Strength Through Diversity."

This commercial bugs me because it implies that a medical team (or any team) that is homogeneous would be inferior to one that is diverse. I'm not saying the diverse team isn't good but come on, are they really better because of the differences? As long as a team is properly trained with the latest techniques does it really matter where the people are from or what the color of their skin is?

It seems like the idea is being pushed because of political correctness. That's my opinion anyway.

schmokin Uploaded 10/09/2008
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