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I've always knows this, but it really just occured to me now. If 1 country launched a nuke, how screwed would the world be? Say for example, russia nukes USA. (Most likely this combo over any other) Don't you think we would send one back considering we still exist? And what would stop the other nations from using them? I repeat, i have always known this, but it's quite a scary thought. The world would be so screwed with nobody keeping other nations in check, that everyone would die. Not saying that in a dramatic way either. Most likely everyone will die. Those of us on the East Coast would all be dead first, since we are next to D.C. Then England would be next, since USA is very friendly with England. And considering it wasn't russia, and nobody knew who dropped them, russia would be nuked by other nations in "An effort to keep peace." And now everyone is dead.

Isn't that a fun fact?

Now tell me... How do YOU think we're all gonna die?

KevinMp Uploaded 10/09/2008
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