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Pwnd almost 200 comments... WOW


Ok so I can't upload pictures like I wanted, (I wanted pwned pictures)

So I'll just tell you...

I am not the faggy fat boy justin from youtube. I just made this to piss everyone off. I hope it worked, you all seriously have some anger issues.


I never messaged any staff members, god you guys are fucking crazy.


I watched this video when it was featured that night when everyone was making a scene, and I don't have an ebaumsworld account even though I've been on this site for years, so I decided it might be funny to create his account and pretend like I'm really him being pissed off to create some laughs


but yeah guys go take a chill pill or jerk off or something.


I think I can safely say I "owned" you.

NYCFashionisto Uploaded 10/12/2008
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