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Strangef8's poetry minute.


I figured this would be appropriate with Halloween creeping up on us.  Enjoy.


The witching hour


Long ago we drove them out,

But now they've nowhere left to run,

The fairy folk are coming back,

The witching hour's just begun.


In the forests they did hide,

In lakes and rivers deep,

In the deserts where demons thrive,

And mountain dens where dragons sleep.


Crumbled ruins they once called home,

Now even the smallest have taken wing,

The mountains seem so empty now,

Where dwarven miners used to sing.


The witching hour's half way through,

The fairie have come back again,

While mankind tightly shuts it's eyes,

Declairing them incarnate sins.


The fairie turn away again,

Recalling why they did before,

And as the witching hour ends,

They say goodbye forever more.

strangef8 Uploaded 10/14/2008
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