Some of you may recall this summer I went to work for a company named Arrow Trucking, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. While there were plenty of warning signs plastered throughout the internet, I decided to take my chances and began orientation on June 1.

By the end of July, I had seen enough to know the company 1) was in deep, unrelenting trouble, and 2) was not worth my suffering. My fiancee drove nearly 700 miles to pick me and my things up in Tulsa, and I drove her car home to Albuquerque.

She and I suffered some hard times since then, only now beginning to relent in the form of my part-time employment at Home Depot. I heard from person after relative after good friend that I had been rash and foolish, had given up too soon, was being childish and impetuous. Today, however, we are free to enjoy each others' company and were out at Waffle House getting breakfast when my phone rang. It was my cousin, Ginny, who is a lease operator with Prime, Inc. of Springfield, Missouri, and he had some news for me.

Arrow Trucking has shut its doors.

Apparently, drivers are finding this out in such appetizing ways as: not being able to fuel up, as their cards are no longer valid; calling dispatch to hear a pre-recorded message telling them to take their trucks to the nearest dealer and given a number to get a bus ticket home; and hearing it via the CB and truckstop gossip.

There are already several reports of drivers abandoning their trailers to ensure they can get home with their trucks and all their worldly possessions (practically). I can only hope for two things: one, those drivers are forgiven for their panic; and that now Arrow doesn't come after me for the supposed $300 I owe them for what was really their own incompetence (as demonstrated most notably by their failure).

My heart goes out to anyone who may be stranded alongside the road, thousands of miles from home, simply because they were scared to do what I did. For all those ninnies and naysayers in the company, who denied Arrow's disproportionate struggles, I feel nothing. God has given them a worthy punishment for their cockiness.

And for all the staff in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who treated their drivers as if they were owed Gold, Frankenscence, and Myrhh for the privelidge to drive outdated, worn-out equipment 1500 miles a week, I hope you all burn in... naw, you already live in Tulsa. I don't want you movin' on up to the East Side. I wil simply fart in your general direction.

I hate to say it, but it sure does feel good to be proven right.

Uploaded 12/22/2009
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