Violence in Movies

OK, so it's been out for a while but alot of people have been talking about it. The Dark Night Movie. Heath Ledger was great! blah blah blah. I've heard people say Batman wasn't as interesting. blah blah blah How can you compete with Heath Ledger's performance as Joker? I don't think it's possible. Besides, we love Batman for the villans not for Batman.

Anyways, this blog is being written because I've heard a few people that saw the movie that thought it was so incredibly gory and over the top. I don't think these people were watching the same movie as I was. Sure the tone was darker but I think the violence was beautifully done. You saw almost none of it on screen. Sure there were guns going off, and allusions to knives cutting flesh but nothing given to you. Instead, they left it all to the imagination which is much more horrifying than any CGI they have no matter how realistic.  It reminds me of the movie Seven (you know Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman) where when I first saw it I walked away thinking I had seen the most gruesome horror movie ever. Then someone pointed out that all the action takes place off screen and all I really saw was blood slattered on a wall or blurry photos of a body. I watched it again and realized he was right. If you were one of those people who thought that Christoper Nolan has done some disservice to Batman by making it too dark or too over the top, go back to the movies and watch it again with this in mind. I think you'll gain an appreciation for the artistry of film-making.


Uploaded 07/25/2008
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