The true Viraldarkness.


For anyone that doesnt know, I am Viraldarkness.  I have been a member of ebaumsworld for a couples of years.  If you look at my submissions I started here by uploading jokes.  To my horror I found I reposted a ton of jokes, so I stopped posting them.  Next I found the blog section, and have been using it ever since. 

Some of you may remember my old blogs called rules to.  Where I discussed rules to live by for certain situations, and even took added rules that people left in the comments section. 

After that I tried my hand at things that piss me off, but had to stop cause I was infringing on another persons style of blogging. 

Now I just write simple random things that pop into my head, which is what this sites blogging is all about. 

I may not be as grammar oriented as say tomlet.  Also my structure for paragraphs is hard to deal with, since ebaumsworld fuck with my structure. 

But I am however well read.  One of my blogs has over 1000 views, which for some of you other bloggers is a small number.  To me its big!

I will not change who I am, nor will I stop writing my blogs.

But above all I have to stress.  I am a guy, not a girl.  And I sure as hell am not an alt!  I dont have to stoop to that level to get 5 stars for my blogs.  I can be patient enough to allow others to rate my work.

Thank you all for your time.  Please comment below.

Also I will be starting my rules to live by blogs again.  Im thinking 3 a week till I run out of ideas.

Uploaded 07/19/2011
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