Vishaal Behl Shares - Sisters, and Brothers!

Vishaal Behl Shares -Sisters, and Brothers!
I will tell you a secret! All of the things in this World as we know it will pass away! So if all of your hopes and dreams or of this world you have lost out! And the whole purpose of you being born has been missed! You have missed the boat! Your understanding has been deceived by the things of this world! Gods, Word will come to pass with or without you! You are worried about what size your house is are what people think! Or how much money you have! To hell with all that! God will take care of you! You are alive! We need to seek Gods, kingdom not this worlds! You! have the wrong ticket change it out now before it is to late! I am not saying we can not have the best of everything we are Kings Children. But you have made things more important than going after the things of God! Father God! has to be first in your life, not your husband or wife or children or the person you love! are material things! Listen all of this will pass away!
Uploaded 06/10/2013
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