Vote for Garadain for Blog Section President!

Since an election seems to be a topic of discussion around here, I've given the situation some careful consideration and present to you my stance on the matter.

The powers (see: mods) that be have declared there can be no dedicated blog section "mod."  Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I am announcing my intent to run for the office of BLOG SECTION PRESIDENT!!!


That's right; I, Garadain, am officially running for the position of Blog Section President.


"But Garadain, what exactly IS a Blog Section President?"


That's a great question, Billy.  But first, let me tell you what it isn't: a Blog Section Mod.  You see, since there can be no dedicated section "mod," running for President would grant me the ability to perform all of the vital functions necessary in the maintenance and upkeep of the blog section without being a "dedicated section mod."


"But Garadain, what makes you qualified to be the President of the Blog Section?"


Another excellent question, Bobby.  As curr-huh?  Billy?  Whatever.  As current poll-leader in the election for President of the Galaxy, I can not only promise you all of the things I've promised the rest of the galaxy, but a few key others specifically catered to this section as well.


I promise to be a just and fair ruler that maintains an objective stance on the removal of spam or otherwise offensive blogs.


I promise not to let the power of being the lord and master of all that is blog go to my head.


I promise to mediate disputes between bloggers in a rational and unbiased way that brings the conflict to a peacefull resolution for both individuals involved.


I promise to remain an active member of the community, submersing myself in the culture to better understand the unique needs of the community in an effort to continually improve my performance.


I promise not to get drunk and upload pictures of my genitals in the mature content section and title them "The Ban Hammer."


I promise to make this a decent place to blog again, working with newcomers to develop potential writers into contributing members of the community and fully integrating them with the veterans to continually increase the section's diversity and overall quality.


My name is Garadain and I look forward to serving you, the good people of the blogging community.

Uploaded 06/28/2011
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