Vote For The Right Candidate

In the upcoming elections, remember to choose the candidate you actually want, not the one who seems to appeal to you. Be sure to vote for the person you want to represent you as your country's ruler, and not appear as an ignoramus. The best candidate would be someone young but knowledgable. Definitely not some old guy. The leader must have charisma - it's very important. Choose someone who would likely be shown on TV as opposed to a loser who isn't shown in the media. Another important trait is to vote for an experienced politician. Someone who graduated from the Politician School, not some ex-baker or ex-hair dresser or an ex-doctor. But if you do want to vote on a loser because, for example, he gave you some stupid promises you believed in, go ahead, that's what freedom is about. You get to vote for whoever you want. Here's a list of all the candidates for US president 2012 alphabetically:

Steward Alexander

Roger Gary

Newt Gingrich

RJ Harris

Fred Karger

Andy Martin

Jimmy McMillan

Tom Miller

Barack Obama

Carl Person

Buddy Roemer

Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum

Matt Snyder

Randall Terry

Danny Woodring

R. Lee Wrights

Vern Wuenshe

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