Vote Ron Paul

These are the easy simple reasons Ron Paul should win even if you don't agree with his policies.
1. Obama is a failure.
2. Newt Gingrich is evil.
3. Mitt Romney IS Obama. See number 1 for why that is bad.
4. Michelle Bachman is an idiot.
5. Herman Cain is no longer running.
6. Stephen Colbert is not running.
Obviously some of the above were light hearted jabs, but I've talked about everyone I deemed worthy enough to even talk about. 

These are a list of reasons Ron Paul should win within his policies:
1. If you like America being prosperous and you want it to continue to be prosperous, vote for Ron Paul and eliminate the Fed.
2. If you are tired of working your ass off while welfare queens pump out babies to get a free ride off the government, vote Ron Paul and have you're tax money go to stuff that matters and isn't a tax payer's black hole.
3. If you're tired of working your ass off while rich ass corporate CEO's score loads of cash INTEREST FREE, vote Ron Paul and eliminate corporate bail outs and irresponsible lending by the Fed.
4. If you are tired of hearing the American death toll in the Middle East and feel like the war is senseless, vote Ron Paul and bring our boys home.
5. If you find yourself constantly saying "Fuck the police," vote Ron Paul to bring law enforcement back down to the state level, lift prohibition, and generally just fix that shit.

I believe that is enough said for now.
Uploaded 01/11/2012
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