Voting across the country has less than three hours left before

Here in Kentucky the ballots closed roughly 23 minutes ago.  In less than three hours the western portion of the United States will have closed their voting booths as well.  At this point (with only 1% of precincts reporting according to a local news station) the presidental polls are showing obama with a significant lead (67% to McCain's 33%.)  Hopefully by midnight most of the ballots will have been counted and we can all celebrate four years with a new president (or swear liberally and drink ourselves blind.)  I can honestly say that I will miss the political blogs for the plain and simple fact that although there was a fair share of crap and propoganda that was posted there were also many informative, well thought out blogs posted regarding the race for the presidency.  While I hope that the void left by the future lack of political blogs will be filled with creative and funny subject matter, I can honestly say that I really doubt that will happen.  Anyway, I hope everyone's election day was as eventful as mine.  Later.

Uploaded 11/04/2008
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