Wake up and smell the doobies - in your mouth.

Just got off the midnight shift, and stopped by to read a few blogs.  I noticed Neko's on the marijuana topic these days, so naturally I must put my two cents in - no matter how tired I may be. 
I consider myself to be a casual yet chronic user, just like a large percentage of the population.  I don't have an exact statistic on casual use, which can be hard seeing as I don't know of any dealers who are keeping track and sending records into a researching organization.  If it were legal, we could track sales, but anyways.  
Pot isn't for everyone.  Of those who try it, some people like it, some don't.   I know a few people who feel as though it triggers paranoia and even full blown anxiety attacks.  How much of this is actually triggered by a chemical reaction, and not just their pre-determined mindset, I'm not sure.  
I will say, from experience, that you can become addicted to marijuana.   I am, but I really believe that I have an addictive personality, and since it's something I do multiple times a day, it's more habit than anything.  Simply - if I don't have it - I want it. 
Another con to smoking pot is the expense.   Dollar for dollar you'll definitely get more fucked up if you drink , or even snort coke instead.  I could easily spend $100 a week between myself and my husband.  With that being said, don't be a dink and think you're all hard because you got fried smoking joints behind your school or some shit.   Most long term smokers do it less for the novelty or "high" than they do it for the relaxing feeling that accompanies the buzz.
Lastly, and I almost forgot, short term memory loss is attributed to chronic use.  I am often very forgetful when stoned, and have been known to space out from time to time while sober.   I do not recommend driving  until you know how marijuana effects you.  It can delay reflexes, and even though you may be flawless when you're going 20 clicks, but you never know when some retard is going to cut you off.  You need to be able to react fast enough if something like that happens.

  If you are going to use, I suggest purchasing from those who grow for personal use (personal because people tend to gear towards quality for themselves) and only sell to cover overhead expenses (hydro ain't cheap).  Like alcohol, it's ok in moderation.  Everyone knows their limits, and should use responsibly.   I also believe that it should be no more taboo than if you were to have a beer or two at a family BBQ.  People of all walks of life toke, and you could be surprised to find out that someone close to you is a stoner.  

Well, like I said - just got home from midnight shift.   I'm off to shower and sleep.  
Merry rolling to all, and to all a good joint!

Uploaded 09/20/2012
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