Wake Up Call

So I was sleeping happily in my bed at around 7:00am, several hours before I had to wake up, when a text message tears me from my sleep. The number was unfamiliar, and, unless they had just read my blog "Memories," relatively innaccurate. So I thought I would have some fun. This might have been one of those "you would have had to be there situations" or part of sleep depravel, but I found it pretty funny. So here is an exact transcript of what happened:


Stranger: Hey girl

me: Why hello thur

Stranger: How r u

me: Good how are you?

Stranger: Good what u up 2

me: Sleeping in my bed

Stranger: U still in bed

Stranger: What u wearing

me: Boxers and a t shirt

Stranger: No panties

me: No i usually don't wear those...

Stranger: any 1 home

me: Idk if my mom left yet

Stranger: U shave

me: No not yet. I think i will later. My face is kind of rough

Stranger: Your boxers off

me: No there still on. It's pretty cold in my room.

�(20 minute pause)

Stranger: R u a girl

me: nope

Stranger: no no u r not so y r u playing games not happy with who u r

me: I thought i made a friend

Stranger: Get help kid!!

me: I put on my robe and wizard hat

stranger: Go away

me: You're the one who woke me up and started talking dirty. Do you usually do that to strange men?

stranger: Listen i was try to talk 2 a friend u miss lead me what ever happen 2 sorry wrong number u always miss lead people just 2 make friends

me: I never miss lead you. I told you what i was wearing, and that i hadn't shaved. I said i don't wear panties. I haven't lied about anything.

stranger: I text hey girl u r not a girl

me: I never said i was. I was just excited to talk to someone. I never get to anymore.

stranger: Now never text me again

me: Ugh i thought talking to you for an hour would mean something :( but if you're going to be Mr. Cranky pants i'm going back to sleep.



I am curious, though, as to who gets that personal with someone whose number they aren't 100% sure on. Either way, I've kept his number in hopes of more laughs down the road.

Uploaded 12/17/2008
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