Wake Up Sheeple....

America pisses me off because of the stupidity and arrogance of the idea that "our government would never lie to us" leads us blindly to our demise.

Goldman Sachs runs the U.S. Treasury Department..... All of the top execs leave this shit company and end up being secretary of the treasury etc etc... Not to mention the company bombing out with record low profits, yet the top level execs getting HUGE bonuses (in the millions)....

the whole "recession" was brought on by our own trusted "wall street experts" and "banking professionals"  loaning money and taking huge gambles why, because they were guaranteed to get the money back if the deals fell through or went south...

A.I.G.  publicly lied about its well being /  quarterly figures, then ran to congress and said they need 100 + billion dollars within a week to keep the company afloat...   wait, your publish earnings reports said you were doing so fucking well... why do you need a bail out? hmmmm...

The bilderberg group holding top secret meetings in different locations all around the world, behind close doors with top level leaders from various nations / organizations,  if you have nothing to hide... then why are you hiding it?

Statues / monuments in PLAIN VIEW promoting 1 world governments and population control and "We The Sheeple"  do / say nothing about it..... 

America,  wake the fucking fuck up seriously... shits just getting ridiculous now...  and you all still have your head 6 feet up your asses...

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Uploaded 11/06/2010
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