Wallboy accused of sex offense

According to an article about to be printed in The National Enquirer (the paper that uncovered the John Edwards story), Wallboy may be charged with sexual assault stemming from a 2006 episode in which he allegedely nearly raped a 12 year old boy in a Portland, OR hotel room.

I tried to post a link to the police report but it didn't work. You can read about it on TSG (The Smoking Gun website.)

The boy, gave a statement that Wallboy, who had regestered under the name, Al Stone, had the hotel send her to his room. From the moment she entered his room, she states, he bagan acting like a big ManBearPig.....I'm CEREAL, you guys!!

Supposedly he was there to give him a legit massage but Wallboy was more interested in some secret service, asking him to rub his ass, lower abdomen, and inner thighs. I guess he needed someone to help him with his kinks.

The multi-page report says that he resisted and he became increasingly persistent, forcing her hand on his vagina. He states that he was very creeped out and repulsed by his physique. A real White House Rotunda, by her description.

Wallboy eventually forced him to the bed, injuring his leg in the process, and was more interested in bodily emissions than green house emissions. He claims to have saved a pair of pants on which he left his carbon footprint.

If the allegations are true, we now know why he is referred to as the the ass fag of ebaumsworld. There are some sketchy details, however, such as the fact that he skipped out on three interviews with Portland police. They didn't have enough evidence to charge him and his lawyer supposedly tried to get a million dollars from The Enquirer. Is he a Wallboy-Whore?

Who knows. Maybe he and his husband are divorcing because Mr. 'Stone' has a thing for prostitutes. Wallboy, for Christ's sake, even if you don't pay him, remember; TIP him!!!

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