Wanted Male Genitals




  • Must be a sex addict 
  • Knows how to use his mouth
  • Old enough to drive, but not too old to not be able to do it 5 times in one night
  • size requirements apply  
  • Preferably taller then I
  • Knows how to do the Torrid Tango, and how to Stand and Deliver 
  • Knows where, and what, the clitoris is

Sex. If you didn't get the memo, I want it. 


Like shoved up against the door and just plain anomalistically nailed. 

It's only been a month and I'm going out of my mind. I've even stooped as low as to looking at the dirtier stuff here on Ebaum's that before would've made me blush. 

When I see a guy in the car next to me, I automatically make a split decision on whether or not  I should ride him like a smashed girl on a mechanical bull.  

When I bend over to pick up something, I think about getting it doggie style. 

If I'm in the kitchen, I picture sitting on the counter and having my guy pump into me. Then I forget about dinner and the fire alarm goes off. Again.

I cant even look at the shower anymore without my pulse rising and getting hot. 

If a hot guy offered it to me right this second, any guy for that matter, I would jump his bones right there and then.


I need it now. I need it hard. I need it fast. 



Position has been filled. Over and over and over again...


Uploaded 01/22/2009
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