War for Oil?

There is much argument about why America is engaged in war. We have oil, resources, human rights, terrorism, Muslim extremism and economic control. To some extent I guess they all have influence on today's events.

But what if the United States was engaged in a war over a pig. Sounds bizarre right? This actually happened in 1859 between the United States and Canada, (at the time, the British Empire).

A large Black pig owned by a Canadian was munching on potatoes planted by an American in an area with a disputed border between the two countries. The American citizen told the other farmer that it was his responsibility to keep his big away from his garden. The Canadian said, "it's your responsibility to keep your potatoes out of my pig."

Eventually, the pig got shot and tempers flared. Troops from both sides were called in but no shots were fired. The Generals from both sides agreed the reason for the dispute was ridiculous. Men from both camps would visit each other for holidays and parties. Eventually, a panel set up by Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and found in favor of the Americans.

Today the Union Jack still flies above the "British Camp", being raised and lowered daily by park rangers, making it one of the very few places without diplomatic status where US government employees regularly hoist the flag of another country.


New Borders?

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