War. Now Playing in a Head Near You!

War is with us everyday, fought on many fronts, pursued for many reasons and everyone of us are a part of it. It's all a matter of intensity and what weapons are the most effective given the circumstances.

War is about resource control, land accumulation, cultural assimilation, cultural diversity, ideologies, enforcement of laws, ignoring of laws, changing the laws. War is not necessarily about killing people, that is just an unfortunate outcome. When there are genocides the reason for the attack must be examined. It will always be one of the above reasons. Ultimately, war is about the control of power and with that you can forge the world the way you want it. Look at North Korea and Kim il Jong. This nut job has complete power and the country is more bizarre than Alice in Wonderland where all but one path gets you killed.

This power is always being fought over, its a battle that has always been fought and for ever will. The weapons of choice are not guns and bullets, poison gases, nuclear bombs. The ultimate weapon is the control of your mind or some might say soul. To have the ability to instill ideas into the human brain is what all psychopathic power mongers desire above all other weapons.

With that you can control all aspects of human activity, you can manage the resources, both human and material and create a make believe world, just like Kim il Jong.

We know what incredible resources are used to create new weaponry for the battle field. We know or at least should know, what sacrifices people have made to carry out war. So why, is it so difficult for people  to  accept that,  this world is all an illusion perpetrated on mankind for the control of their minds?  Well, I guess because it would shatter the cocoon that envelopes our lives, disrupt commerce, create new concepts of community, open up the imagination once again of the human spirit and remove control from our task masters.  Admittedly, there would be chaos, but then power would be more evenly distributed. People would then be forced to open their minds up to different ways of managing and cooperation.

With our technologies today coupled with a world wide renaissance, there is nothing that is impossible. Ive noticed that the more we sit back and let the technology take over or do our work the less creative we become. It would appear to me, people are now at a stage of taking the path more traveled as opposed to forging new roads.

Consider, taking part in the most important war mankind can ever take part in. Fight hard, give no ground and youll never have to fire another bullet again. Use the most powerful weapon ever devised, use your mind.


Uploaded 07/01/2011
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