War ... War it never changes

ok i know when i come back to this after a few days i know there are going to be alot of different opinions and i welcome all. Iraq  WHY THE FUCK ARE WE STILL THERE?  I know alot will say that it would be bad to pull out since we are not finished and to those i say we NEVER will be finised fighting terrorism. Terrorism has been here and always will be. Another will talk about how we are putting a better government into place. Why are we putting a deomcratic type of government into a country we have no right to do so. They have been around longer than our country has been and we have decided that their way of life is not good enough anymore?  I am from Texas and am saddend that alot of the soldiers we have lost over there are from my home state.  i just had the urge to write this  no reason just felt like getting it out of my system is all. I know we got Husien out of power and that was good but where is Osama?? This was a pointless war from the very beginning that we should have never been involved in at all.   I welcome all opinions just voicing mine here is all

Uploaded 11/27/2008
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