Now before I get started, this isnt me trying to convince anyone of anything. I am not here to make people agree with me. In fact, I am actually doing the opposite; I want to know what people think about this matter. Yes, I am going to present opinions of mine, but again you dont have to agree.


So, is war necessary?

In the world we have today I firmly believe that war is necessary.

Now obviously in a perfect world war wouldnt be necessary, and in fact, would be pointless, but we dont live in that world. Todays world is full of people who are greedy, power hungry, and hate being the weak one.

I hear all the time that war solves absolutely nothing. But, the truth of the matter is violence solves a lot. So, besides solving slavery, ending genocide, ending fascism and Nazism, and now deterring Terrorism, youre right war solves nothing.

I will agree with a lot of what people say. War does cost a lot of money, and in an economy such as ours the last thing we need is war. But, we cannot sacrifice defense in the name of helping the economy. The cold truth is that without defense we wouldnt have an economy to be worried about; consequently, we wouldnt have a country to worry about. Thankfully, we have a president who agrees with this.

Another reason is that war costs lives. Yes, this is true and it is a very sad fact that freedoms price is blood. It is even sadder that people are so quick to judge our troops, yet arent even willing to say hey you know what thank you. But, our troops signed a contract, and knew there was a chance of death. The military is a profession of war. I love hearing the people who say no way the military shouldnt kill people. Its like really, why the hell do you think we have the big guns.

So really my whole point in all of this rant is to ask, what do you think about war? Is it necessary or pointless? I could talk all day about this subject, but I would rather get other's input.

As a side note please dont post any stupid comments or comments that arent backed by at least a semi intellectual fact.

Also, as a side note, I am not some warmonger. Obviously, I said war would be pointless in an ideal world. But, I am also not saying that I disagree with war. 



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