Warped Tour and Pregnancy Equal SUCKAGE!

June 20th, while being the First Day of Summer and according to some crazy scientists the "Happiest Day of the Year", also marked the first day of Warped Tour in Pomona, CA. I was listening to the only local radio station I'll let enter my ears, Q101.1, and discovered that today as part of their "Big Ticket Friday" deal, a pair of passes to the big tour could become mine to sell. I decided to look quickly at the lineup for this year, even though due to certain conditions (i.e., a child in my belly) I would have to YET AGAIN miss Warped.

So I was skimming the list and saw 10 or so bands that I would even care about seeing.. and maybe 3 or 4 of those that made me particularly disappointed that I'm missing it. Granted, many of them I haven't even heard of so I guess I can't really say they suck, but what the crap?! Why would I want to spend my hard-earned cash to go see a boatload of bands I don't give a shit about? Not to mention the money for parking, food, water, any merch I might like to have, and whatever else the fine folks of the Tour have up their sleeves to drain me of my dollars.

God damn it, being pregnant is such a huge inconvenience.. and NOT just because I have to miss a ton of shows that I would like to see (Rancid....). At least I got to see NOFX and Gogol Bordello this year..

Ladies, I beg of you, DO NOT let ANYONE get you pregnant until you are sure that you are 100% ready mentally, physically, financially, and of course, legally. Definitely don't need any of you becoming real-life "Juno"s. I'm not saying I resent my child, I just wish that I could have waited until I'm really for sure ready to be a mom. I feel bad and guilty that he's going to be born to two young people who have no idea what the hell they're doing and are grossly, GROSSLY, unprepared to raise a child. Praise the higher powers that I have my own mom to help me out, and a surprisingly supportive family to call on if need be.

Alright, it's late and I feel if I go on longer I'll get 'tards commenting me about how boring this is.

To sum up: Warped Tour sucks this year, and so does being pregnant.


Uploaded 06/21/2008
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