Watching, Waiting.

   That's what I've been doing for a while now. Patiently waiting to see which of the idiot trolls would leave next. Oh, you all leave eventually, that's just a fact.

   I'm certain you're all wondering about me. My name is none of your concern, but you can call me 'Em', if you so choose. I modeled my screen name off of that of an old user who some of you may remember. He was much better at this blogging stuff than most of you are.

   I, like several other good bloggers on this horrible excuse for a website, am a teacher. I have been for some time, and I intend to use my experience and intelligence to wreak havoc on this 'World'. Think of me as the internet equivalent of The Brain (from Pinky and the Brain) except my intellect is not scripted, or fake, or for your amusement.

   I have always wanted to commit unspeakable acts of horrifying evil, but have the good graces not to have done so. So, as a substitute, I will bring unearthly terror upon the stupid minions here who think they compete.

   Besides- Blood never comes out of my good clothes. But what I do to some of your egos and psyches should remain forever, as well.

   The time has come for my Supreme Reign of Troll KIlling. Good luck to you all, and I would like to get to know some of you non-trolls a little better.

   By the way, I would appreciate a little less of the racist humor. As a proud upstanding Black member of my community, I find it rather trite and ignorant. Though the Blackman fake character was somewhat enjoyable, if a tad stereotypical.

   Enough. I shall leave you to your mass stupidity and inanity. Go forth and write. At least as well as you can. Thank you all for reading, and beware.

Uploaded 04/03/2011
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