Ways to define our favourite term FART

1. 1-man salute 2. 7.4 on the Rectum scale 3. Acid-rain maker 4. After the thunder comes the rain 5. Air bagel 6. Airbrush your boxers 7. Anal acoustics 8. Anal ahem 9. Anal audio 10. Anal salute 11. Anal volcano 12. Arse blast 13. Ass blaster 14. Ass-scented methane 15. Ass biscuit 16. Ass thunder 17. Ass whistle 18. A turd whistling for the right of way 19. Backdoor breeze 20. Backfire 21. Bad sprinkling 22. Baking brownies 23. Barking spiders 24. Bean blower 25. Beep your horn 26. Belch from behind 27. Better open a window 28. Blast off 29. Blast the chair 30. Blasting the ass trumpet 31. Blat 32. Blow ass 33. Blow mud 34. Blow the big brown horn 35. Blowing the butt bugle 36. Blowing you a kiss 37. Bomber 38. Bottom blast 39. Bottom burp 40. Break the sound barrier without a plane 41. Break wind 42. Breath of fresh air 43. Brown horn brass choir 44. Brown thunder 45. Bun shaker 46. Burnin' rubber 47. Buster 48. Busting ass 49. Butt bleat 50. Butt burp 51. Butt hair harmony 52. Butt percussion 53. Butt trauma 54. Butt trumpet 55. Butt tuba 56. Buttock bassoon 57. Cheek flapper 58. Cheesin' 59. Colonic calliope 60. Crack a rat 61. Crack one off 62. Crack splitters 63. Crimp off some breakfast biscuits 64. Crop dusting (surreptitiously farting while passing thru a cube farm, then enjoying the sounds of dismay and disgust) 65. Crowd splitter 66. Cut a stinker 67. Cut loose 68. Cut the cheese 69. Cut the wind 70. Death Breath 71. Deflate 72. Doing the one-cheek sneak 73. Doorknob 74. Drop a barking spider 75. Drop a bomb 76. Drop ass 77. Dropped a bomb 78. Eggy 79. Empty my tank 80. Exercising the meat nozzle (not sure if this one doesn't belong in a different category) 81. Exploding bottom 82. Explosion between the legs 83. Exterminate 84. Fart 85. Fire a stink torpedo 86. Fire the retro-rocket 87. Firing scud missiles 88. Fizzler 89. Flame thrower 90. Flamer 91. Flapper 92. Flatulate 93. Flatulence 94. Flatus 95. Flipper 96. Float an air biscuit 97. Floof 98. Fluffy 99. Fog slicer 100. Fowl howl 101. Fragrant fuzzy 102. Free-floating anal vapors 103. Free Jacuzi 104. Freep 105. Frequency Actuated Rectal Tremor 106. Fumigate 107. Funky rollers 108. Gas attack 109. Gas blaster 110. Gas from the ass 111. Gas master 112. Gaseous intestinal by-products 113. Ghost turd 114. Give a dirty look at the person next to you 115. Grandpa 116. Gravy pants 117. Great brown cloud 118. Hailing Emperor Crush 119. Hey, did you fart? Because you blew me away! (pick-up line) 120. Heinus anus 121. Hole flappage 122. Hole flapper 123. Honk 124. HUMrrhoids 125. Hydrogen bomb 126. I made a pootie 127. If you are that embarrassed about it, you can always blame it on me. 128. Ignition 129. Insane in the methane 130. Invert a burp 131. It's low tide 132. Jet propulsion 133. Jockey burner 134. Jumping guts 135. Just calling your name 136. Just keeping warm 137. Just the noise 138. Kaboom 139. K-Fart 140. Kill the canary 141. Lay a wind loaf 142. Lay an air biscuit 143. Leave a gas trap 144. Let a beefer 145. Let each little bean be heard 146. Let one fly 147. Let one go 148. Let the beans out 149. Lethal cloud 150. Letting one rip 151. Lingerer 152. Made a gas blast 153. Make a stink 154. Make a trumpet of one's ass (John Milton) 155. Mating call of the barking spider 156. Methane Bomb 157. Methane production experiment 158. Moon gas 159. Mud duck 160. Must be a sewer around 161. Nose death 162. Odor bubble 163. Odorama 164. One man jazz band 165. One-gun salute 166. Painting the elevator 167. Pant stainer 168. Panty burp 169. Parp 170. Party in your pants 171. Pass gas 172. Pass wind 173. Play the tuba 174. Playing the trouser tuba 175. Plotcher (aka a wet one ... bad form, points taken off for emmitting one of these) 176. Poof 177. Poop gas 178. Poot 179. Pop 180. Pop a fluffy 181. Preventing Spontaneous Human Combustion (South Park) 182. Prove it 183. Prupe (Norwegian--the E has two dots over it) 184. Puff, the Magic Dragon 185. Quack 186. Rebuild the ozone layer one poof at a time 187. Rectal honk 188. Rectal shout 189. Rectal tremor 190. Release a squeeker 191. Release an ass buscuit 192. Release gas 193. Rep 194. Rimshot 195. Rip ass 196. Rip one 197. Ripple fart 198. Roast the Jockeys 199. Rotting vegetation 200. Safety 201. Salute your shorts 202. SAS (silent and scentless) 203. SBD (silent but deadly) 204. Set off an SBD 205. Shit fumes 206. Shit honker 207. Shit vapor 208. Shoot the cannon 209. Shoppin' at Wal-Fart 210. Silent but deadly (SBD) 211. Singe the carpet 212. Singing the Anal Anthem 213. Skunk smells his own smell first! 214. Sounding the sphincter scale 215. Sounds like a barking spider 216. Sounds like a wompus cat 217. Sphincter song 218. Spit a brick 219. Squeak one out 220. Squeeker 221. Steamer 222. Step on a duck 223. Step on a frog 224. Stink bomb 225. Stink Burger 226. Strangling the stank monkey 227. Stress release 228. Tail wind 229. Telegraph from Ft. A-hole to Cmdr. Nostril announcing the arrival of Gen. Shat 230. That felt good 231. The closest you get to craping while standing up 232. The colonic calliope 233. The dog did it 234. The F bomb 235. The gluteal tuba 236. The Sound and the Fury 237. The stink's gone into the fabric 238. The third state of matter 239. The toothless one speaks 240. Thunder pants 241. Thunderspray 242. Toilet tune 243. Toot 244. Toot your own horn 245. Trelblow 246. Triple flutter blast 247. Trouser cough 248. Trouser trumpet 249. Turd honking 250. Turd hooties 251. Turn on the A/C in your large intestine 252. Uncorked symphony 253. Under burp 254. Venting one 255. Wet one 256. What smell? 257. What the dog did 258. Whoever smelt it dealt it 259. Wrong way burping 260. Your voice has changed, but your breath is still the same. 261. Zinger 4. (after farting at the urinal) "After thunder comes the rain." 135. Q. "What was that?" A. "Just calling your name." 137. "BRRRRRAAACK" "Ewwww, get away from me!" "Take it easy, it was just the noise.">..table>

A strong explosion from between the legs. Which under the right conditions may invoke mind control. Types of farts 1.) The laughing fart which may cause asses to jiggle or bellys to wiggle. 2.) Hot ass tronmical farts which cause tears an in some cases the same symptoms as anthrax. 3.) The K-Mart fart brought on by gasy mexicans that forgot to wash there ass before entering the store and let it rip. Higly dangerous to the average american. 4.)A free spirit to linger in the air causing stress to others. 5.)The Milk and tuna Fart- the second dangerous fart known to man kind. The only fart that will suck the air out of you and cause a slow rotting death. 6.)The worlds stinkiest fart known to man kind is the one that caused you to be. Gotta thank moms for making it possible.

Was that you or me, I think it was you dear. Holly shit motha fukker you ever do that shit again Im putting a cork in your ass. Fukk damn hell are you dead in side God damn motha fukker does your ass hole come with an experation date.

a fart is more than just a sound. it is more than just a horrifying smell. a fart is a much more deeper emotion. it is one that touches the heart, comes straight from the stomach and reaches deep into ones soul. it takes the path from one person's ass hole and leads itself into another's nose. it touches the five senses like michael jackson touches little boys. farts are a wonderous thing especially when done in public places to offend people in restaurants, schools, banks etc. farts bring people closer together. the make music and can create a dance. so fart. fart in a car when the windows are up, fart in your friends face and fart in front of your mom. >> "That fool looks as if he needs a fart in the face." >> "Ahhh, my fart smells like your mom." >> "I can fart better than you sing." >> "i fart in the shower, and that makes me happy." >> "Can I fart in your freakin face?" >> "I got grounded for farting in my mom's face" >> FARTS ARE GOD'S GIFT TO THE WORLD store owner: "You're getting a little too loud." culprit: *FART* store owner: "Good answer."
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