We are building a religion part I

three or so months ago I wrote a blog where I decided to design my own religion. I have taken some time to break my incoherent pile of guidelines into a coherent belief system, and then threw that out and poured all my passion into a tangent instead. In all seriousness though, this is my attempt to frame a worldview that I think fills the void for a valid and comprehensible explanation of this world and human nature and how it fits into it. I would clarify that I have not composed a pantheon of fake gods, mythical beings, and spirits. As much fun as that might be I am attempting to be serious here. I consider this world view to be a sort of belief system, but it is not spiritual. It could be called a sort of atheism, but it goes beyond the rejection of the supernatural and the acceptance of reality. I have penetrated reality in a way that even few atheists can accomplish. I have been often described as a sociopath, but the following is not born of hatred. it is my understanding of what it really is to be human that has created this. It is nonetheless a bit unpleasant and will probably anger you. strap yourselves in and restrain the tldr proclamation.

Life and death are equivalent:
I have said this countless times in the past, but it is a cornerstone of what I am going to explain here. ALL life requires death, ALL death gives life. You might be kingdom biased and feel superior, but everything that nourishes life is itself alive. Everything that dies nourishes life, through consumption, nutrients transferred to soil fertility, and the offset of resources. It may be difficult to follow the intricacies of it but every death offsets resources tot he community of life. Something is nourished because something else wasn't. I have had arguments for the anomalies that would appear to render this untrue, but it does not render it so. Anomalies exist in either case but the fact remains that taking a consumer from the equation adds one elsewhere. This works the other way, creating life takes life by offset. Taking life and giving life are equivalent actions. You may feel outraged by this but it is the reality, and the toll in suffering is also the same. The suffering of death is paid by the living. obviously the dead do not suffer nor exist at all beyond being nutrients and matter lacking sentience or functionality. For this reason, grief is an act of self pity. The living are not feeling sorry for the dead, who obviously do not care anymore, they are feeling sorry for themselves. perhaps others who suffer the loss, but truly to themselves. This culture suffers a tremendous and obsessive preoccupation with death. We see something profoundly wrong with not existing. so much that we lie to ourselves and pretend we will continue to exist. The truth about death is much better, mostly because it is the truth. We as the dead will exist henceforth as the eyes of the sparrow, the legs of the white footed mouse, the tissue that moves the timber wolf. We will enter the community of life the way we came, giving ourselves to the living who's deaths nourished us and became our living flesh. Our consciousness will cease. This is not painful, it is not sad, it is not awful. It is in fact the very best thing. We will rest forever more and cease to be so that life can be given to the living around us. We live because there is death and we die because there is life. There is no reason to fear death, to hate it, to be sad over it. life and death are one and the same.

Human nature is not to be denied:
The very first thing that must be understood about being human is that, and there is a great deal of denial and outrage about this, we are animals in every single way. Biological machinery just like toads and mice and jellyfish and crickets. We are a machine of biological components. Our every emotion, every thought, every compulsion, is a chemical. It came about to keep our dna reproducing. Because it is efficient. We are efficient copying machines. There is nothing special about it. There is no meaning behind it. We are nothing greater then this. Machines, beasts, on equal footing with every other form of life. This must be understood. This is not to say that there are not differences. There is no two organism alike in all of the world and no two species survive the same. As humans, no species has a level of awareness, processing and a sense of time like we do. This is not a gift, it is an efficient part of our machine. It exists because we were a unique sort of predator. This is the second thing that must be understood. Humans are predators, this is the largest part of what has shaped us as a species. Our intelligence, our awareness, our sense of time are all because we are predators. The desire to hunt is still within us and we bury it with anything we can. We medicate ourselves and our sense of time and categorization that allowed us to become trackers misfires in an unintended way to give us identities. Because we sort information into categories like no other species, this becomes a part of who we are. We take our frustration at not being allowed to hunt anymore and transform it into a fixation on some of the information we have sorted. We subvert the true pleasure of existing by doing this. The pleasures of our bio machine that are designed to make us live and create copies of the same dna that precluded us to do what was most efficient for it. We tell ourselves we are not animals, it is wrong to be glutenous, lustful, and violent. we tell ourselves we must control our urges. we fixate on our created identities and ignore the true pleasures of our bio machine. This is truly the saddest and most horrifying of things, for this one life and the pleasures of our bio machine are all that we truly have.

This is all I have for now. I think I merely elaborated unnecessarily on what I have said before. thoughts?
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