we come from planet earth

All of us are born of the planet earth. Be you aethiest, christian or what have you. No matter your religion we came from clay, this all humans agree on. Because of this we all came from one atom, one bone, or one clay, that we must respect one another as if we are relatives. What you do unto another is done unto you, because we all come from the same earth that we walk upon. Karma is not a joke or a philosophy it is real. What you do to your neighbor is done to you equally because we all come from the same substance.

What things you do good or bad to your fellow man or yourself is done upon yourself. So do good to all you come in contact with, do good with your fellow man. One day it will affect your positively. You will one day learn this.

Remember that we are all one in one way or another and that by destructing another we really hurt ourselves, because in that we are that brother that seeks help and seeks guidance.
Uploaded 12/07/2012
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