We do not give a shit

It looks like I may have started my own splinter group of bloggers.  I call us the 2%ers.  So far, RedNote and GIJoe have joined me in not giving a shit as to who controls the blog section.  Now let me make this clear, we will not violate the blog rules.  There will be no spam blogs.  There will be no questionable content.  I extend an invite to Ty and Fuzzy to join us in not giving a shit.  That might make us go over 2% of the people (including alts) that blog here.  However, Ive already given us a name, and the name will not change.

It seems that Ryan, Kaw, Neko, Blackrock, Frogbob, and Gyps are giving a shit.  At least, thats what Ryan said in his blog.  We 2%ers will not cower in blogging fear.  Nor will be use all caps to get a point across.  We 2%ers will blog away like nothing has happened to the EBW blog section.  We will not care that a Nekoite has created a hack to give her 10K views.  We will use exact caution when giving thumbs up or down.  We will take care to rate blogs with stars that they deserve.  We will not let prejudice control how we star blogs or thumb comments.

If you do give a shit about who thinks that theyre in control of the blog section, then by all means say so.  Do not oppress us 2%ers and try to force us to give a shit.  For no shit be given.  Not today, nor any other day.  We do not give a shit, we few, we happy few, we 2%ers. 

Uploaded 12/05/2011
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