We Have a Hoe Down.

If some loser bitch said you had to pay $20 for a pic of her crusty cooch, would you think of her as a whacked-out whore?

To almost all of you, the answer has been proven as a resounding "yes".

For the past couple of days in features, we've all been LOL'ing like crazy at the retarded actions of the notorious attention-whore charging people $20 for a chance to see a pic of her junk. Never mind the fact no one needs to pay a dime to see internet snatch, or the fact this attention-whore has no qualms posting images of her painfully unimpressive flapjacks.

But the kicker is in how rumors abound one or two actually paid for said pics - which was overshadowed by the attention-whore's further humiliating herself by showing everyone the PayPal receipts.


At the beginning of this, I talked to several female members who said this whore meeboed them begging to join her in posting hand-bra pics. This is so she wouldn't look like a whore to begin with. One did and got banned for doing so. So as a means of putting her in her place, my b/f then posted bra images of me, which literally ended all conversation on ebw tit-tays.

Of course, the jealousy which ensued by the attention-whore resulted in a shitty blog where she tries to justify having the worst boobs on-site.

To make things worse, with the entire section laughing at her, along with her dim-witted realization that what she did constitutes soliciting porn on ebw, the attention-whore again tried to justify her stupidity with this gem:

May 27, 2013 9:55am
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Gonzolo. If you ban him for posting my tis, put that in the ban reason, not some fucking "posting porn." I'm no fucking whore and I didn't post porn. There's a difference between showing off body parts and porn.

Gotta give her some credit. There IS a difference. The Venus de Milo shows body parts. Charging $20 to random guys on the web for pictures of your slimy meat flaps is porn. And if that doesn't make you a whore, what would? Doing so after getting knocked up at 14 or something?

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