I hate OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!   We need a real leader..not only a leader..but a change to the whole system....we are the people ( or so they say) why can't we decide on what to do next then.  Every time there is a decision to be made..they screw it up.  EVERY Freaking time.  Obama had 2 and a half years to work this out...he couldn't.   Now there going to put another idiot in there thinking that he can do better just cause he has worked in the system for longer than 40 years.  NO!!!!  Come on, really.  The government is taking over everything.  You know there trying to take away gun rights!!!...GUN RIGHTS PEOPLE.  There are guns for a reason.  We need something to be done.  I'm tired of thinking what next...I'm married and have a kid.  A little boy.  I want him to be able to grow up and now his money that he earns is not wasted on stupid FUCKING DEBT CAUSE THE PEOPLE OF THE GOD DAMN FUCKING GOVERNMENT KEEP FUCKING UP FOR ALL OF US.  I'm so fucking pissed off, I work so god damn hard for my money.  I work 5 days a week 40 + hours.  why should the money I make be taken granted i'm all for fixing the united state....BUT HOW MANY FUCKING YEARS DOES IT TAKE... I understood that it was bad..but come on ...we need this fix and we need it now.  Before too long other country's are going to realize that were falling apart..then they attack..start breaching our boarders with military.  Start killing your families ...taking what they want from us...who is to say they don't do don't know... government does not know.   No body knows, I don't want to have to get to the point to were we have to shot our way to get food.  We are all growing, technology is getting better, computers are starting to do some crazy awesome things.  Space could be the next biggest thing...BUT NO...SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN DIDN'T WE.  I think we need to just start fresh...all you lazy fucking bastards living off of the government.  Or thinking I can just sit on my ass and not do shit...QUIT FUCKING BITCHING AND START FUCKING HELPING AND LIVING FOR YOU AND YOUR COUNTRY...YOU LOVE TO LIVE FREE...THEN START ACTING LIKE YOU WANT TO FUCKING KEEP IT THAT WAY YOU LAZY PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
Uploaded 08/23/2011
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