We need our troops back in Iraq.

Lately there has been a lot of buzz going on about the troops leaving Iraq. Ever since Obama became president everything has gone down hill, and now he wants our troops out of Iraq? The only thing that is keeping our economy running is that oil, whether you like it or not war is good for economy. Now that our troops are being taken from Iraq we are giving the terrorists a chance to get back on there feet and begin plotting against us again. We need another real leader like bush, Obama did absolutely nothing he promised. Our country is going in a downward spiral now and not only that but we desperately need to cut down on illegal immigration. It is so easy for immigrants to come into america and bring there drugs and guns here which is putting our youth a risk. If we don't do something soon to stop immigration than the drug war is going to be in america, there has been a lot of talk about building fences but I am a true believer in it. It's time we put our tax dollars at work and start building these fences and as long as we keep our troops in Iraq we wont have to worry about the  economy.
Uploaded 12/18/2011
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