We saved some lives last night

Let me start this off by saying my husband is a safety instructor for the NRA.  He also has his permit to carry and teaches the conceal carry class.  Ok, now for the story:

Driving home last night, my husband made a comment that the car a few hundred yards behind us was driving erratically.  It suddenly veered off at the exit we had just passed.  A little later, the other car that was back there caught up to us.  Suddenly the dome light came on in their vehicle.  Inside were 4 teenagers.  The one in the front passenger side was waving around a big butcher knife.  The little bastard in the back seat was making the neck cutting motion with his hand.  The weiners stayed even with us for a good mile doing the knife waving aren't we tough and menacing dance.  Well, husband decided enough was enough.  He turns on OUR dome light, reaches down and grabs his .40 cal Berretta and holds it up for these retards to see.  Knife wavers mouth dropped open the same time he dropped the knife.  The dingleberry in the back started waving his hands frantically and yelling "GO GO" as the driver tried to set a new land speed record for getting away from our suv. 

The way we figure it, we just saved these kid's lives.  Who knows who these morons would have run into.  There's some crazy ass people out there who might not take kindly to having pointy things waved at them.  Oh, and we got a really good laugh out of it as well.  Dumbasses.

Uploaded 01/03/2009
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