We the Corporations?


Republicans would have you believe that we need to return to Ronald Reagan's "optimism" and lower taxes on businesses so they can "create jobs."  (Yeah, where ARE all those jobs they promised?)  Ronald Reagan's message was take from the needy and give to the greedy... "Trickle-down economics." 

The economic situation is being blamed on "entitlement programs..." you know... thinks like Social Security and Medicare that is all that is keeping many of the disabled and elderly alive.  Yeah, I've heard the "survival of the fittest" arguments.  I've also heard these same Republicans screaming that government health care is "death panels" which are going to "kill grandma."  Nothing like a little hypocrisy, is there? 

Want to see the real problem?

Though the "official" tax rate may be higher in the U.S, what the corporations pay after deductions is much lower, yet, these huge multinational corporations which hide their earnings in offshore accounts to avoid taxes continue to convince people that they're being over-taxed.  They post record profits and keep slashing pay, jobs, and benefits.

With the Bush-loaded Supreme Court, the corporations have effectively taken the voice away from the American voters.  They can contribute unlimited amounts to political campaigns... calling money "free speech,"

while real persons have limits on what they can give.

When the founding fathers said, "We the People," they meant living, breathing, bleeding people, not some huge conglomerate who is a "legal person" on paper only.  Why are people so willing to give up their power and voice to an unfeeling, uncaring piece of paper which spells out some legal trick for almighty profit?  America has lost its way.

                                                                      Copyright © 2011 Cal Jennings

Uploaded 05/23/2011
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