We want Ebaums back!

  I can understand the need for change, however this site was once the most easily navigated sites on the internet.  It was simplicity at it's finest  . With the amount of people that frequent this site and regularly upload content the new changes have made it pointless to upload any random shit we choose to do so.  It appears  that that Ebaums is attempting to take a strangle hold on the viral bullshit that the mindless masses seem to enjoy so much!! 
This site USE to allow the user to connect with the craziness of every nook and crany that this wonderful had to offer!  The 'recently uploaded' section was a window into the world of everything this planet had to offer. It allowed everyone on this planet to have a voice of reason, of sympathy, of greatness, of empathy, of hilarity, etc...
I beg of you Ebaums, PLEASE go back to the old style. 

Your users will be in the end the force that dictates whether or not this site will continue to be as popular as it was pre-shitty website change.   
Uploaded 06/19/2012
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