Drawing a deep breath I turn around and took hold of Webb's head with my hands, placing a passionate kiss on her lips at the same time her hands are gently stroking my swelling cock, feeling it growing harder and harder. Youre so sexy, Dirty.. she whispered.

Webb pushed my shorts down, exposing my hard cock shivering with delight as I started kissing down her neck, leaving a trace of saliva on her hot skin. My Strong hands slid down to Webb's waist to pull her shirt up, but still leaving her bra on. I gently lift her up and lower  her on the kitchen worktop. Webb's legs open instantly, knowing whats coming. her throbbing pussy is soaking wet Dirty can see her wetness through her shorts.

Lifting her Ass up gently I slide Webb's shorts off taking her tiny thong too, exposing her pink smooth pussy; dripping wet with juices leaking out. She leans backwards as I kiss' my way down her body, lost in ecstasy as my tongue flicks across each of her hard nipples, going lower and lower... Webb moans with pleasure. She can feel my hot soft kisses on her stomach as she draws her feet up on the worktop, opening her pussy even more, so Dirty can eat her whole.

Stroking her thigh with one hand, stroking my hard cock with the other gently kissing Webb's swollen clit, flicking my wet tongue around it pushing my head between her open legs, licking her swollen lips and clit. Unable to stop herself Webb's moans become louder and louder, licking her lips, enjoying every second of it.

Gasping Webb can feel my hot tongue inside her aching pussy licking and flicking, tasting, she can almost feel me stroking and rubbing my hard cock with my hand... feeling my tongue on her clit between her lips again, licking around it, making her almost scream with pleasure. Webb was so close to orgasm, clitoral this time, mmm love it, Dirty.... So excited, feeling the waves of pure pleasure as she was about to cum. Leaning even further back and open her legs even more for as I continued to eat her spasming pussy.She let out a loud scream as she shot hot cum all over my face. We retired to the living room where we ended the night watching cartoons and drinking beer.

Sundays are good.

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