G4s Season 3 of WebSoup has everything you loved about Seasons 1 and 2and then some. Armed with more outlandish and ridiculous viral videos featuring jaw-dropping stunts, peculiar pranks and all kinds of extraordinary mishaps for its viewers.  In a stroke of collaborative genius G4 has teamed with to incorporate that little extra something into Web Soups regular feature called This Week in Fail.   

As THE source of all FAILS that make you cover your mouth and go OHHHH SHIT! ebaumsworld presents the best shot of the week for the viewers malicious ecstasy. From skateboards to bikes, drunk cheerleaders who think they still have balance to drunk guys who think they are much stronger and more athletic than they have ever been, ebaumsworld is the place that showcases the failing human form in all its finest. Caught forever by close friends and loved ones with no ones best interest in mindwith nothing in mind at all. Ever. Long live the Internet!

Web Soups Host Chris Hardwick who continues to effortlessly pairs just the right amount of snarky humor. The Web Soup lineup presents a sublime balance between the crumbing on each weeks top YouTube clips and turns them into short bits like Casual Vomiting or Snack Cracks and Hardwicks general disbelief in mankind and the reliability of phone cameras capturing every disgusting moment. Its like roaming online and hearing all of YOUR best lines (yeah, right!) while you sit alone on your couch with your laptop, scratching your nuts, giggling along with everything Hardwick says. Simply put, its heaven.

As Hardwick says in his intro to the new TWIF This Week In Fail feature, And now for that special kind of pain they only make on the internet, ebaumsworld presents the best of the best of the worst. Their Fails are the proverbial train wreck that you must see to believe. Loyal ebaumsworld users have enjoyed them for years and now G4 viewers can enjoy the train wreck, too. For all your horrible injury needs, ebaumsworld and G4! Love it.


Uploaded 04/11/2011
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