weird dream i have

I am not usually one to have dreams (or at least remember them) but this definetly stuck. also whenever i have a dream that i remember its usually because i was shitfaced, thus enhansing the weirdness. I happened to be sober for this one

So this dream was me and a small group of random unknowns. (unknown to me anyway. they were stuck in my psyche somehow but i dont know how they got there) anyway and we enter this bar. the bar was named "VERBAL". It had a cool interior kinda teal blue walls, very trendy looking, not alot of crap on the walls just a big tv behind the bar and then in the front of the bar another flat screen that had some sports on. I remember some silver shit on the walls. shapes and lines. so i go up to the bar and order my drink and the bartenders staring at my face. didnt think anything of it until i realized the whole place was silent. the bartender was a deaf mute who was signing to the other patrons and they back to her. me and my party we the only non deaf/mutes in the place.

I was trying to figure out why i would have a dream where deaf/mutes ran a bar. I dont know any people that are deaf or mute. was it supposed to be a dream or a nightmare? were these people going to attack me for not being disabled like them. and how funny is it that the bar is called verbal when no one can speak. anyway, the only other thing i remember is they had really good chicken fingers.

Uploaded 12/15/2008
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