Weird Dreams

So for the past 5 nights I have had some strange dreams, I can not give y'all them in great detail, because you wont know the places nor the people; plus its hard to remember  dreams all the way. I doubt anyone on this site can read dreams and there meaning but if so please give me some insight on what the fucks going on lol.

The first one was about this girl that I have been talking to (kinda) and we were hanging out and stuff but when I went to visit her again later that day she was with some other guy at this big ass palace with a bunch of people. I seen her with this other guy, so I approached them to see what was going on, supposedly she had been talking to another man, and he knew who I was and did not like me. They went off into his elevator and went down to his room and told the guards to not let me pass to the lower levels. I cant remember how I managed it but I got to the lower levels and started kicking everybody's  ass and just before I could get to her I woke up. It may not seem that weird and little boring but the next few are weird.

The second night I just remember stealing a microchip or some sort of flash drive, not for my own gain, but almost like I was programmed to. The place I stole it from was a government facility that doubled as a shopping mall? I was doing like Jason Statham shit from Transporter, hopping over shit, breaking people arms, all while wearing a black business suite. I ended up running away, then my dream skipped to me hanging out with David Hasselhoff. I do not know why but oh well.

The third night night I went into a abandoned building on the outskirts with a couple of friends. There were stairs that led to a weird door that had weird markings on hit, we opened it to find out it was hell. A strange blonde headed kid said he needed help immediately, and gave us all weapons. I had a short sword and led the charge down this weird red Forrest where these big yellow bugs attacked us. I swear most of my dream consisted of killing these bugs, when finally we got to our destination. The kid that was with us was the devils son, and the problem was that his older brother was attempting to kill his father and escape to the out world. This is the stupid part though. The blonde hair boys turns into the Terminator and like bitch slaps his brother and he dies. I was pissed off because all the shit we went through when he could have done it himself. I woke up shortly after that.

The forth night I was in a weird prison inside a barn with a bunch of inmates, I was next to the warden who was a prick and had thrown a flashbang grenade into my friends cell earlier. All the sudden my mom, who I have not seen in forever, comes in with a gun randomly and starts yelling, so I bite the wardens neck and pick up a pen near by and stab him in the chest. Everyone starts rioting and we get a hold  keys and start releasing prisoners, as I am trying to get to my buddy who had gotten the grenade earlier its to late the swat had arrived. Everyone blamed me for starting it and I woke up right as a swat person went to hit me in the face with his gun. I was so relived that morning that I was not actually in prison.

The last dream I had was basically me killing zombies with some weird weapon I could change to whatever I wanted, I just kept using this big ass blow torch as they got close, but didn't really matter cause they just kept coming and I eventually just woke up.

Im sure I will have another crazy dream tonight, and the reason its been weird to me is that I hardly ever remember my dreams. Just thought I would share those though and see if anyone has any idea whats going on in my mind, because I find dreams weird and would like to know more about them.

Uploaded 09/24/2011
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