Weird dude with boob juice fetish

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I mean OK, there are some strange things in this world, but ice cream made from some random womans breast juice?

And how does it work? Are there battery breasts? Loads of woman in a big room with hardly and room between them, knitting away like mad while some machine sucks them dry?

Are there free range breast milk ice creams where they left to graze in the fresh fruit aisle of the local supermarket during the day and then juiced every night?

Does the farmer come along and randomly taste it to make sure they are giving out fresh enough juice?

And is it just women who supply? Because if you need a load of tits in one place to be milked.well, we have the houses of parliament. 

The average MP is a complete an endless supply!

Nope its sent in from various women around the country who suck it out, package it up and send it off. And they go through Rigorous health checks. Like what? Do you have breasts? Great! Youre in!. And what if you get the ones who watch the drug dealers and start cutting their breast gumph and adding in other things.likesay.REAL milk. THE HORROR!!!

I cant see how it will work. I cant say I care.because the only way I intend to get a mouthful of breast milk is when my wife falls asleep feeding my child and I jump on the spare one and get involved.

If you want to read about the weird dude with a fetish for boob juice.its at Dont say I didnt warn you.

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