For some reason me and my boyfriend stayed up all last night.  It's now 2:30pm and im beginning to periodically forget that I've been up for so long.



Early this morning I heard a young kitten crying outside my window.  I looked out to see an all white, no older than a month and a half, apparently lost kitten.  He looked confused and scared.   So I kept an eye on him, lost sight of him, but kept hearing him cry.

I woke up my boyfriend and told him I was going to feed it.  So I go outside with food only to discover that it crossed the street.  I crossed the street and he ran to me.   I brought him back to my drive way, fed him, then he took off running down the middle of my busy street.  So of course I went after him... he obviously was someone's pet.

Eventually after stopping traffic I caught him and brought him back to my house.  I couldn't let him just get hit by a car.... after checking to see if he was indeed a he, I noticed a flea... and then another.   He was in my apartment so I had to deal with it right away.  I gave him a flea bath, and it turned out to be much worse.  My boyfriend actually cried when he saw the fleas climb the kitten's white coat and start biting him in desperation. Because he was white, you could see the blood... and he was already looking pretty sad because no cat likes bathing.... especially when fleas are biting them everywhere at once.

So fortunately he dries fast.  And he's currently sleeping after eating a can and a half of Fancy Feast.


So yeah here's a picture.


If I can't find his original owner, who I have called the Humane Society in the hopes of getting assistance with finding, we might keep him.  My boyfriend is back and forth about the idea, and the last owner probably wasn't all that great if they let the cat to get to this point... another idea is that it's mother was abandoned during pregnancy... which happens a lot...  I don't know... I put an ad on the local kijiji and I've already got a few people emailing me about the cat problem in the area.



So I might soon have a one bedroom apartment filled with 2 people and 4 cats... woot?


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