Weirdest Sex Ever

I had the weirdest sex ever the other night. In fact, when I woke up the next morning, I wasn't even sure if it actually happened. I had to ask the husband if we had actually had sex, or it had just been a dream.

I had sex while on Ambien. And I mean ON Ambien. I was SO out of it. I could barely even see. I'm sure that it's something akin to really really drunk sex, but to me it was so weird. The room was dark, and Ambien totally fucks with your vision, so when he was over me, I didn't even know it was him at first. I could barely function, so I couldn't have protested if I wanted to. I managed to get my hands on his arms, and I could feel his tattoos, so I knew it really was actually him, regardless of how messed up his silhouette looked. I don't really remember anything else of the actual sex act, but he says that I told him I came twice (not uncommon as he always makes sure that I get off during foreplay, then usually I get off at least one more time during actual sex- he likes knowing that he can please me).

I sort of remember stumbling to the bathroom (we're talking bouncing off the walls in a literal sense) to get myself a little cleaned up and go pee. Then I kind of remember going to the bed and finding a few wet spots on my side, stumbling to the linen cabinet, grabbing a hand towel, then laying it over the spots and crawling back into bed. That's all I remember until this morning.

I should feel violated, but it actually kind of turns me on not knowing all the details on what happened. I'm a freak, I know. Oh, and this was all in celebration of the fact that we have the bathroom about half finished (the floor is done, sink is done and the toilet has been reinstalled) so we could close our door and actually HAVE sex (his mom and grandma were still here after all) without anyone having to come through the room to use the toilet in the night. I just happened to take the Ambien before I really knew we were going to have sex, and as many of you know, it knocks me flat on my ass.

He thought I was completely lucid when it was happening.  I had entire conversations with him that made sense afterward.  Then I asked him for another half an Ambien afterwards because I told him that after that sex I was wide awake and needed another to go back to sleep.  The man could've given me a multivitamin 20x the size of a half of an Ambien and I probably wouldn't have known the difference!  He was actually surprised that I barely remembered any of it because I seemed totally aware of what was going on around me.

So, yeah... For me, that was the weirdest sex ever.




(PS:  I'm baaaaaack! :D  )

Uploaded 08/30/2008
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