Welcome to Ebaums, Enjoy Your Virus

Imagine my surprise when, while viewing a blog, I suddenly got assaulted by a warning that my computer was at risk. O. K.  Actually I wasn't surprise because of all the virus attacks I've endured since owning this computer, all but one happened while I was on Ebaums. Usually I just shut everything down immediately and go back to business with out to much drama. But this time things got hairy.


 Even after the shut down I was getting warnings on my desktop. I couldn't log onto the Internet and it wouldn't  let me run my security scan. I  logged into safe mode and ran a scan which said all was good. But going back to my desktop had the same results as before. The final fix came from doing a reboot in safe mode from a date one week earlier, thus erasing everything the computer had done and seen from then on, including the malicious software.


  So the my advice to those who plan on frequenting this site is, either get some really top notch anti-crap software or become good friends with some compgeek . Or you can do what I do and futz around with it for a coons age until you figure it out.







P. S, Death penalty for people who create computer viruses?

Uploaded 03/14/2011
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