Welcome to Neko's World.


Welcome to Neko's World - the place where intellectual bloggers can converse about various Neko topics, such as Neko's aesthetic beauty or Neko's exemplary and adroit writing. 

We shall all bow down to the glory that Neko radiates through every single blog that Neko posts and admire Neko for the person she actually is. Throw away any notions of freedom of speech or attempts to initiate a revolution against Mistress Neko because your unwanted desires will result in a bombardment of one stars and abhorrently irate comments from Neko the Great. 

History Lesson of Neko

Through the power of parthenogenesis, Zeus was able to conjure Neko (not Athena as the wrong history books like to proclaim), a beautiful, intelligent, and overall superior being whose main purpose in life was to SUPERVISE AND DOMINATE the blog section of eBaum's World! 

Neko, using her natural wit and absolutely coherent writing, was able to maintain full control of the eBaum's World blog section almost instantly, as she swayed the previous moderators with her dynamic ability to write and also her eccentric imagination. 

Nowadays, one can spot Neko overlooking the blog section, constantly tormenting her minions and sex slaves by invading their irrelevant blogs with multiple accounts. Neko the Great is essentially the heart of the blog section hence the constant reference to her presence. 

But ... but ... but ... how can I, a mere slave to Neko, be acknowledged by Neko the Great?

Settle down, child! In order to be recognized, you must perform certain tasks in order to progress through the rankings: 

1) Wake up every morning and immediately turn on your computer - go straight to the blog section and find Neko's blogs. Give them five stars, leave an endearing comment ("Neko, you are the best!" or "Neko, you are so beautiful and amazing, God bless you!"), and await for Neko to arrive and bask you in her attention. 

2) Learn how to speak "Asian" (as Neko likes to put it because Asian is supposedly a language) and adopt the Asian culture! Start watching a copious amount of Dragonball Z or Cowboy Bebop and start including foods like rice and rice cakes in your diet! 

3) Assure yourself that you will NEVER side with the OMINOUS crowd (for example, Rin or Letmedangle) as they are the ULTIMATE ENEMIES to Neko and her ideals. NEVER, EVER, EVER consider yourself a friend of those OTHERS because their purpose on here is to destroy the fundamentals behind Neko-ology! 

4) Acquire photoshop and add cat ears to your avatar - like this: 


Ha ha ha, so kawaii ^________^ ... see how cute I look? You could look like Neko too with the simple push of the Photoshop button, HA HA HA! ^_______^

5) Lastly, when Neko greets you with her superior presence, always recite the Neko pledge:

I pledge allegiance to the Nekoof the United Police States of NekoAnd to the Neko for which it standsOne Neko, under Neko the God, and if I disobey Neko,I will be Neko punched and justice for all.


Uploaded 07/18/2011
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