Welcome to the Good Life

Been gone for a bit, vacation to the old country.................. Vermont. Terrible how the houses are so fucking far apart yet you could find such solitude. whoa. let me a relax. Like i said back from a little vacation to vermont, went jet skiing, quite fucking fun with the tube attached and shit flipping and you skid across the water like a flat rock you tried to skip.

just yea. listening to the bone thugs right now. classified as hip hop but im going to toss the vote our for r n b. just a little opinion. but back to the fact that i am high. first time i said that but im still going back to it.

Ny diesel. New York Diesel. like the gas. not premium. or super. or kicksfucking ass gass. minus the s. gas.

Somebody please comment about how cool i am for smoking weed. i need to hear it. i mean read it. nobody who comes to the blog section hears anything. they just read. unless they play music. then they hear music.

Bone thugs are over. great song, sweet jane. good to smoke to. Platypus i smoked a joint. i remember you said you prefer a joint over a blunt. i disagree but let me say right now, i agree.

let me toss a shout out to charlie murphy who was mentioned on trivial pursiut by fucking the host, greg brady. his  fucking   terical. i dont know his real name but hes greg brady.

brother of bobby brady, B.B. laughing my mo trucking ass off. bobby brady is in a wheel chair now   : ( damn thatss not a joking matter. my apoligies. bobby. chill ax.

chill ax. a combination of chill and relax. yes i know no shit. ok let me end this 1 star blog, i know  give me that 1 star i crave.

shout out to steve mcnair, him and eddie george, and on occasion frank wycheck (titans fans join up) fucked mad bitched of all nationalities and sizes in the locker room.

jeff fisher would sometimes show up in his birthday suit. no not naked. jeff fisher was born in a tuxedo.

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