well now that just pisses me off.

Dude, what the hell. so im browsing through the pictures.. user picture ya know? all the ones other people post that aren;t good enough to be featured, and i come across this picture. a demotivator.. a suicide girl with a toy phone and it says phone sex, ur doing it wrong. alright i respect that. its a good demotivator. pretty basic but no big deal. who cares if its bin used 300 thousand times before. i know i dont. i like them. wut pisses me off, is that ive seen HUNDREDS and i emphasize hundreds, of double demotivators. you know wut im talkin about, demotes inside demotes inside demotes. that sorta thing. so i go to do this double demote for the first time on this picture of the suicide girl on the phone cuz ive got a good one for it, who cared if shes doing it wrong. shes still fuckin hot. righto.. so i go and i click the demotivator button and it comes up and ebaums pretty much gives me the big FFUUUUCKKK YOUUU. basically i pressed the button and up top it was like. you cannnot make a demotivator out of a demotivator. do something with a little mroe creativity. i was like dude.. fuck.. wut the hell, im just trying to keep a trend goin and i get cockblocked by ebaum himself. fuck that. figures id be the one who gets the the big middle figure from the man himself..



Uploaded 09/06/2008
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