Well Well Well

My last little blog attempt was blasted out of the water because it was considered too offensive by our new corporate masters.  It was very impassioned.  Profanity was involved.  But it basically stated that Ebaum's World is dead now that the PEOPLE who gave it life are gone.  I'm moving on.

I've come to the conclusion that regardless of the reasons for coming back here, each visit is logged as a "hit" and contributes to this URL's rating for advertising purposes.  So instead of flooding the site with spam as others have suggested, I'm going to scrape this site clean of my material.  Yet as I was in the process of trying to delete all my contributions to the site, I kept seeing a little message pop up saying that I couldn't delete it because it was a featured item.  Funny, to my knowledege NOTHING I've ever uploaded has EVER been featured, EVER.   I also plan to delete ALL of my comments on this site so that absolutely NONE of my intellectual property remains on this aborted fetus still calling itself Ebaum's World.  The final deletion will be this blog, that is if it makes it passed McDreidel and ever sees the light of day.

   This is the last piece of wrtting that I will ever produce here.


Uploaded 02/03/2009
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Tags: farewell