We've elected a man who

1) May or may not even be a true United states citizen, and would only be such technically speaking.

2) Submitted a possibly forged(and poorly at that) birth certificate, and expects it to fool the American people.

3) May have been born in Kenya, according to his actual birth record.

4) Travels on an Indonesian passport.

5) Only feels the need to properly honor our flag when influental people are watching.

6) Is endorsed by several communist nations and leaders, including Fidel Castro, China, and the Iranian parlaiment.

7) Has only had 143 total days of relevant experience, in a position that would only minimally prepare him at best.

8) Associates with extremist figures who openly oppose what our nation stands for, and expects us to shrug it off.

9) Calls those of us who have worked hard for all of our lives "selfish" because we oppose his plan to take the fruits of our labor and give them to people who have not worked a day in their lives.

10) Is willing to appease dangerous rogue nations and governments(Chamberlain II?).

11) Will remove our only means of defending ourselves and our constitution at the first opportunity.

12) Considers himself a "citizen of the world" with little regard for the wellbeing of our nation.

In summary: not only is this man entirely unqualified to be our leader, he does not deserve it by any stretch of the imagination.  He has done nothing to earn the right, nay, the privilege, of being the leader of these great united states- not a single sacrafice, only empty words and gestures. America has made a poor choice, and I fear that the results of his twisted policies will provide startlingly clear testament to this conclusion in the months and years to come.

Uploaded 11/06/2008
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